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Chemical use should pay attention to the pumps


Chemical Pump what should pay attention to what matters it? Many first-time use of chemical pumps friends certainly do not know is that those who frequently use the chemical pump friends, matters will be ignored for some of the details in order to allow our customers to better make good use of chemical pumps, chemical pumps are made for the following Note Note:
    The operator should remember to protect chemical pumps and their equipment is their responsibility. Should always check the operation of the various factors affecting the pump, the pump operator with period can be as careless and significantly reduced.
    1, in order to pump the normal continuous operation, extending its life, should do routine inspections and maintenance, making it a system. Failure occurs will impact the production, so routine screening is indispensable, must not be ignored.
    2, pump running in some kind of anomaly, it seems the device seems to still running. But in most cases, the accident has been a harbinger of early detection of abnormal precursor is an important factor in preventing accidents. To the early detection of abnormal, you need to master the situation usually normal operation, and inspection, maintenance and so make a record in detail, in addition to this basic information indispensable for inspection failure, but also helps to routine maintenance and early detection of anomalies .
    3, pump operation environment in recent years greatly improved, but there is still a considerable number of pumps in case of poor operating environment, operating environment, whether good or bad should be regular smear, improve the environment and maintain the pump and its ancillary equipment for cleaning, especially in the poor environment, operation of the pump should pay attention.
    4, pump in normal operation, even higher degree of automation required to monitor the pump, at least do a class, the second inspection, as mentioned earlier this is the early detection of anomalies of the important work, in addition, according to checks should be done on a regular basis need to tour. Routine inspections content such as tables, some pumps can be used according to the instructions appropriate choice.
    5, in the daily inspection, in addition to full operational control, test instrumentation, but also play an active role in people's subjective, like Chinese medicine practitioners to medical consultation, "look, smell, questioning," check the pump as anomalies. "Hope" is to see, look at the ministries instrumented pressure, flow, temperature, current, voltage is normal, whether the various components of the pump deformation, discoloration, changed appearance, and whether the leak, with or without blockage; "news" is to use smell, smell any unusual odor, liquid hydrocarbons, gasoline, benzene leak odor, equipment, paint, rubber and other insulation paste Pakistan burnt smell, etc.; "Q" is to listen, to hear the voice of the rotating part, with or without abnormal noise, such as water hit sound, friction sound, percussion, eddy current sound, broken sound, etc.; "cut" is touch, touch or without heat, vibration and so on. The only way to play the role of the operator, in a variety of test instruments, equipment help to make the routine inspection, early detection of anomalies before they occur.
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